Many people don’t know that scrap metal can be recycled and oftentimes come with a payout. First you must determine if you have a ferrous or non-ferrous metal to decipher what time of metal you are looking to recycle.

Here are some common types of recycled metal:

  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Steel

The most common metals accepted by scrap yards include copper, steel, aluminum, brass, iron and wires.
The simplest way to tell what type of metal you have is by using a magnet. If a magnet sticks to your metal, you likely have a ferrous metal, such as steel or iron. Most ferrous metals are not worth much money but can be accepted and recycled properly.

If a magnet doesn’t stick, you likely have a non-ferrous metal, such as copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel or bronze. These metals are very valuable to recycle and are oftentimes worth money.

Once you have determined if you metal is ferrous or non ferrous, you can then use color, texture and image comparisons to figure out exactly what type of metal you have.

Non-ferrous metals, such as copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel and bronze, are often worth more money. Ferrous metals, like steel and iron, are not as valuable, but will still be accepted for recycling.
While we will accept any quantity of metal  to be recycled, your payout is determined by weight. If you bring only a few pieces of metal to us, we will still recycle it for you, but you will likely receive a small payout, if any.

If you’re looking to earn more cash,  you can try storing your scrap metals until you’ve accumulated a decent amount, or come to the scrap yard with friends and neighbors for a larger payout for all.